4th Annual VA Turkey Call Makers Competition!

Attention Turkey Call Makers! The Virginia State Chapter NWTF will be holding the 4th Annual Turkey Call Makers Competition at their upcoming annual Awards Banquet. The banquet will take place on Saturday, January 20th at the Holiday Inn Valley View in Roanoke.

The Call Makers Competition was the brainchild of NWTF Regional Director Billy Hall in an effort to allow some of the best call makers from Virginia and surrounding states to showcase their abilities.  Hall commented, “Virginia is fortunate to have some very talented call makers and we wanted to provide them with a platform to display their craftsmanship to the largest group of turkey hunting enthusiasts in the state.”

The basis for this competition is to determine each call’s stand-alone merit of how well it performs in the hands of a hunter.  The judges of this competition will be a qualified panel of experienced hunters who will grade each call on the prescribed criteria.  Please note that this is not a contest to determine who the best caller is, rather it is a contest to determine the best call in each specific category.

While it is expected that call makers can run their own calls with great precision, the question with hunters is, how simple or easy the call is to use and how much does it sound like the game they pursue.  In determining and selecting the best hunting calls each year, the Virginia State Chapter of the NWTF strives to ensure fairness and impartiality without prejudice towards commercial or custom call makers or with the design of any call entered in the hunting call competition.  Criteria for determining and selecting the best call places equal emphasis on sound quality and tone, ease of use, versatility and its ability in attaining what is commonly referred to as a break over. Please be sure to condition your call upon entry.

The contest is now directed by our volunteer, Staci Longest. For detailed contest rules and info on where to send your call(s), please download the CALL MAKERS COMPETITION AND ENTRY FORMIf you have any questions, or need help with the form, please contact Staci Longest.

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