2017 Fall Seed Subsidy, it's time to order!

The Virginia State Chapter Board of Directors is pleased to offer its members the opportunity to purchase several mixes at subsidized prices.

Sponsor members may purchase TWO bags at the SUBSIDIZED price.

Regular members may purchase ONE bag at the SUBSIDIZED price.

Each member may purchase additional bags of these mixes in unlimited quantities at the NON-SUBSIDIZED(Regular price) prices listed.

All orders filled on a first-come, first-served basis.  Quantities are limited; allow two weeks for delivery before calling to check on your order.

All mixes will plant approximately 1 acre.  Conduct soil test and add recommended soil amendments prior to planting.  As a general rule for legumes:  Soil pH should be 6.0 – 7.0, fertilize with 5-10-15 at a rate of 250 pounds per acre and a minimum of 2,000 pounds of lime per acre.  Prepare the seedbed by disking or harrowing the ground to create a smooth seedbed.  Broadcast seed over one acre from April into late May and in fall through September. (Fall seeding of legumes are best in the South).  Then cover seed ¼” deep using a drag or cultipacker to insure good seed to soil contact.  Always store seed in a cool, dry place prior to planting.  Check with your Extension Office for appropriate planting times, methods and rates in your local area.

Available seed mixes include:

Clover Fab Five            Subsidized price - $31.00        Regular price - $61.00

This legume mixture provides almost equal proportions of five varieties of clovers: Crimson, Ladino, White Dutch, Arrowleaf and Berseem.  This is the widest variety of clovers offered including annuals (even though most will reseed if conditions allow) and perennials.   Plot should be an insect magnet and as a result attract turkey hens and poults foraging for insects in the summer.

Fall Combo                    Subsidized price - $33.00        Regular price - $65.00

An excellent fall mix for deer and turkeys.  This mix consist of twenty pounds of Austrian winter peas and a ten pound mixture of crimson clover and brassicas.  You need to add a bushel of your own wheat or oats to complete the smorgasboard. Peas and grain should be disked into well prepared seedbed and with proper soil amendments and then cultipacked.

Triple Threat Clover    Subsidized price - $33.00        Regular price - $65.00

Mix is a concentrated, pre-inoculated clover mix including Crimson, Patriot and Durana clovers.  This mix will provide high quality food and cover for wild turkeys, deer and other wildlife.  This mix is adapted to most sites and will stay established for several years with proper maintenance.

TO PLACE YOUR ORDER, please go the SEED SUBSIDY ORDER PAGE to begin the ordering process.

Each purchase results in the establishment of quality wild turkey brood habitat.  Your efforts support the Virginia State Chapter efforts to Save the Habitat. Save the Hunt.  Your membership and financial support at NWTF Hunting Heritage Banquets helps make this program possible and allows the NWTF to address high priority habitat needs in your state.  THANK YOU!


Richard Pauley
Virginia State Chapter President
National Wild Turkey Federation

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